Posted by: koolwine | May 29, 2010

Chile: The House of the Spirits

Country: Chile

Local Name: Chile

Title: The House of the Spirits

Author: Isabel Allende (Chilean); translated by Magda Bogin

Allende’s father’s cousin was Salvador Allende, who was elected the first Marxist president of Chile in 1970.  On September 11, 1970 a military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet overthrew the government; Allende was found dead later that day.  Although official reports claimed that Allende committed suicide, many  suspect he was assassinated.

Published: 1982  Pages: 368

Acclaim: Chile’s Best Novel of the Year (1982); International bestseller

Time Period: roughly 1910-1975

Summary: Traces three generations of del Valle women: the supernaturally gifted Clara; Blanca, who loves her father’s worst enemy; and Alba, drawn into the revolution (and into danger) by her Marxist boyfriend.  Their stories, and also that of  Clara’s long-lived husband, Esteban Trueba, are woven into the politics of their unnamed South American homeland (suspected to be the author’s native Chile).

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