Posted by: koolwine | July 18, 2010

Ethiopia: Notes from the Hyena’s Belly

Country: Ethiopia

Local Name: Ityop’iya

Title: Notes from the Hyena’s Belly

Author: Nega Mezlekia (Ethiopian)

Published: 2000 Pages:351

Acclaim: Winner of the Governor General’s Award; a New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice

Time Period: 1958-1983

Summary: Mezlekia recounts his childhood in the half-Christian, half-Muslim city of  Jijiga, his  participation in demonstrations on the behalf of tenant farmers, his secret membership in the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP), his enlistment in the Western Somali Liberation Movement, his family’s flight from the invading Somali army, his college education at Addis Ababa University during the Red Terror assassinations, and his eventual emigration to Canada.


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  1. Hi Koolwine
    Thanks for posting positive words about Ethiopia. Unfortunately as you have stated it from the outset , the name Ethiopia is attached to empty bellies and this left behind big scar unlike any other country in the world with various negative and unfavourable happenings at any given time or another. The irony is there are many things to talk about the country in terms of civilization, culture , natural and historic landmarks but none of them are well represented and they are overshadowed by the negative traits.We always say that the name became vitim of media but as citizens of the land each Ethiopian has to contribute in promoting its land than playing a blame game. Ethiopians shoul say and boast “Proud to be Ethiopian” than bowing their heads down or hide themselves away in the dresses of politics and complain over any party that comes or leaves…The order of the game is Proud to be oneself and contribute positively.

    Neddless to quote JFK’s words “Ask not what your contry can do for you ………….”


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