Posted by: koolwine | August 21, 2010

Cuba: Waiting for Snow in Havana

Country: Cuba

Local Name: Cuba

Title: Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy

Author: Carlos Eire (Cuban-American)

Published: 2003  Pages: 383

Acclaim: National Book Award Winner

Time Period: roughly 1950-1970

Summary: We interrupt your childhood to bring you a communist revolution.  As a result of Castro’s takeover, Carlo Eire and his brother lost their homeland and their privileged lives as a niños bitongas (“pampered boys”).  Eire shares stories of growing up in pre-Castro Cuba, his initial youthful confusion and obliviousness towards Castro’s dictatorship, and his humbling new life in America.


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  1. I recall the Cuban Missle Crisis as though it was last Autumn. It was a warm Indian Summer day, the boys were in school, and I laid my head down on my couch to wait and listen and wait and listen…Amazing how generations to follow perceive it as history and my perception is the experience is an integral part of my life experiences. Particularly enjoyed your descriptions and observations.


  2. […] Cuba: Waiting for Snow to Fall in Havana by Carlos Eire […]


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