Posted by: koolwine | September 5, 2010

South Korea: Fox Girl

Two Korean teenagers enter into a life of prostitution in “America Town,” a red light district for American GIs.

Country Focus: South Korea (Han’guk in transliterated Korean)

Fox Girl
Nora Okja Keller
Penguin: 2002.  209 pg.

Acclaim: A Los Angeles Times Best Book of 2002

Synopsis: After Hyun Jin is disowned by her parents and Sookie’s mother is sent to the “Monkey House” (a facility where prostitutes are held while being treated for STDs), the two Korean best friends become hookers in ‘America Town’ – a nightclub district for American soldiers.  They move in with Lobetto, their pimp and former schoolmate, and the three, along with Lobetto’s resentful mother and Sookie’s unwanted baby, Myu Myu, form a disturbing and violent family unit.  Hyun Jin bonds with Myu Myu, and when she is offered a job to work at a men’s club in Hawaii, she devises a plan to bring the baby with her.

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