Posted by: koolwine | November 14, 2010

Pakistan: In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

Eight short stories illuminate the lives of  landowners and servants in Pakistan’s Punjab region.

Country Focus: Pakistan
In Other Rooms, Other Wonders
Daniyal Mueenuddin
Norton, 2009.
247 pgs.

Acclaim: National Book Award Finalist

To make a long story short: Punjabi landowner K. K. Harouni is the common denominator of these eight short stories, which feature either him, his relatives, his managers or his servants.  Five of the tales disclose the relationships of the following sets of doomed couples: two servants; a servant and a manager; a servant and Harouni, a Pakistani man and an American woman; and a city girl and a country boy.  In his remaining three stories, Mueenuddin explores the corruption and injustice inherent in the culture.
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