Posted by: koolwine | August 14, 2013

Free Books! (Round 9)

For every ten books I read, I’ll hold a book giveaway. Here’s how to claim a free book:

  • Check out the list of books up for grabs.  There is only one copy of each book available (I am giving away my used copy of each book).
  • If you see one you want, comment on this page.  Your comment must include the name of the book you want, and at least a word or two about the country that the book concerns.  First person to comment gets the book.
  • I’ll mail the book out to you (at no cost you you whatsoever) if you have an address within the continental United States.  The book will ship out at book rate, which means it might take ten or more days to reach you.
  • Keep in mind that most of the time I buy my books used, which means they may be marked up, covers bent, etc.  Book condition will be variable.

Here’s the current round of books up for grabs:



  1. Nicaragua:The country under my skin, visited Nicaragua last year. Loved the people I met; kind, down-to-earth, tough. Would like to read this book to learn more


  2. As someone who loves Germany and spent some time there some years ago. I’d love to get my hands on the The Hangman’s Daughter. Prost!


  3. I would like to win the book: The dream life of Sukhanov…because growing up in West-Berlin but having family in East-Berlin helped me to learn a lot about the Soviets. There is some mystic in their culture…


  4. At first I was going to ask for The Dream Life but after reading reviews I think it may be too haunting for me:( I would love to read Agaat. I have a friend from South Africa. She is white. Her experience is not positive. She prefers to be away from SA. I can’t quite imagine that kind of tension that still exists there.


  5. Africa’s been on my mind lately. If it’s still up for grabs, I’ll love to have One Day I Will Write About This Place!


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