Posted by: koolwine | April 4, 2014

Free Books! (Round 10)

For every ten books I read, I’ll hold a book giveaway. Here’s how to claim a free book:

  • Check out the list of books up for grabs.  There is only one copy of each book available (I am giving away my used copy of each book).
  • If you see one you want, comment on this page.  Your comment must include the name of the book you want, and at least a word or two about the country that the book concerns.  First person to comment gets the book.
  • I’ll mail the book out to you (at no cost you you whatsoever) if you have an address within the continental United States.  The book will ship out at book rate, which means it might take ten or more days to reach you.
  • Keep in mind that most of the time I buy my books used, which means they may be marked up, covers bent, etc.  Book condition will be variable.
  • Claims must be made no later than one month after posting date. (May 4, 2014)

Here’s the current round of books up for grabs:



  1. I am not from the USA, but I would not mind paying the fees if you would accept mailing me the book.

    That book would be “Seven Years”, which is from the country I am currently assessing as my emigration destination.
    Not just chocolates and clocks, though, the current restriction on the number of emigrants means I have to find my job there in advance…


  2. I would love to win the book ” A good Muslim” because I am learning a lot about Islam through people who I met since I moved to the States. All of them from different countries and still connected through one book..the Qur’an…


  3. I’m still following…just catching up on reading today! I’d love to read Buxton Spice if it’s still available 🙂


  4. If you still have the book: Seven Years, I would very much like to read it as I have never read a book by a Swiss author. I know very little about Switzerland, but the book sounds interesting to me.


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