Posted by: koolwine | September 16, 2017

Grenada: Angel

Written almost entirely in the vernacular, Angel is the story of an ordinary Grenadian family whose members are drawn into the political intrigue of the Grenada Revolution.         

Country Focus: Grenada

By Merle Collins
Published by Seal Press, 1987.
294 pgs.

Genre: Fiction

About the author: Collins actively supported Maurice Bishop and the New Jewel Movement’s revolution in Grenada. Currently an English professor at the University of Maryland, Collins has written three volumes of poetry, two collections of short stories, and a second novel, The Color of Forgetting.

World Lit Up Rating:
(On a scale of 1-5, with 1 book = turned off and 5 books = lit up)

Merle Collins


‘Mammie, lissen. Is not covetous I covetous. The lan couldn’t be mine because I too black for one, an is white people that own lan because is them that did have slave in this country. If I was high brown I might ah have white backgroun dat leave lan give me or I might ah be able to get big job, but it din work out so. People like you an me so, the harder we work in people kitchen and in people lan, the more we kill weself out and bring riches, is the poorer we get while we sweat goin in other people pocket.’

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