Posted by: koolwine | December 9, 2017

Saint Kitts and Nevis: A State of Independence

After twenty years in England, Bertram Francis returns home to an unnamed Caribbean island on the verge of the its independence from Great Britain. It’s not easy to slip back into his old life. His family, friends, and the island itself have changed in ways that make it difficult for him to feel at home. 

Country Focus: Saint Kitts and Nevis

A State of Independence
By Caryl Phillips
Published by Collier Books, 1986.
158 pgs.

Genre: Fiction

About the author: Born in St. Kitts and raised in England, Phillips has authored many award-winning novels, including A Distant Shore and Dancing in the Dark. He currently teaches English at Yale.

World Lit Up Rating:
(On a scale of 1-5, with 1 book = turned off and 5 books = lit up)


Caryl Phillips

‘England is where you belong now. Things have changed too much for you to have any chance of fitting back, so why you don’t return to the place where you know how the things are? You coming on here like a fool, just dropping by Government House and so on.’

Bertram looked at him, but still he said nothing.

‘You English West Indians should just come back here to retire and sit in the sun. Don’t waste your time trying to get into the fabric of the society for you’re made of the wrong material for the modern Caribbean. You all do think too fast and too crazy, like we should welcome you back as lost brothers. Well, you may be brothers alright, but you lost for true for you let the Englishman fuck up your heads.’





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