Posted by: koolwine | May 10, 2018

Luxembourg: The Expats

Kate never told her husband Dexter that she was a CIA agent and trained killer. She thought she was the one with all the secrets, but then Dexter, a computer security specialist, suddenly uproots their family to take a mysterious job in Luxembourg. Is Dexter really the man she thought he was? And is the new couple that’s befriended them actually spying on one or both of them? And how can she talk to Dexter about her suspicions and keep their family safe without revealing that she’s lied to them all along?  

Country Focus: Luxembourg

The Expats
By Chris Pavone
Published by Crown, 2012.
327 pgs.

Genre: Fiction

About the author:  The Expats won author Chris Pavone both an Edgar and an Anthony Award for Best First Novel. Since then, the New Yorker has published two more best selling thrillers, The Accident and The Travelers.

World Lit Up Rating:
(On a scale of 1-5, with 1 book = turned off and 5 books = lit up)

Chris Pavone


Kate walked across the bridge, entered the long well-lit tunnel cut deep into the rock upon which the haute ville was built, the rough-hewn walls hung with derivative art, the faint stench of urine, as in every urban tunnel, even in the most well-kempt cities. It was a hundred feet worth of ascent to her neighborhood atop this rock formation, good exercise if she tramped up the hill of the rue Large, but tonight she didn’t want any. She wanted answers, not cardio; she wanted to be home, alone with her thoughts. There was a babysitter to pay and dismiss, a husband playing tennis with the FBI agent who was investigating him. What a goddamn mess.


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