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Tajikistan: Tajikistan, Pearl of Central Asia

The authors provide an overview of the geography, history, and archaeological significance of Tajikistan, accompanied by compelling photographs of the Pamir mountain range.

Country Focus: Tajikistan

Tajikistan: Pearl of Central Asia
By Mehrdad Kia, Ardi Kia, and Rick and Susie Graetz
Photos by Rick and Susie Graetz
Publisher: University of Montana Press, 2007.
64 pgs.

Genre: Geography/History

About the author:  Mehrdad Kia is an award-winning history professor and director of the Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center at the University of Montana. Ardi Kia is the assistant director of the same program. Rick and Susie Graetz are the founders of Montana Magazine and have contributed photos and articles for many different publications.

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Mehrdad Kia


Modern Tajikistan, with its present political boundaries, emerged in the 1920s as the Soviet government partitioned Central Asia into five separate republics. This partition stripped the Tajik people of their traditional cultural and economic centers, namely the cities of Bukhara and Samarqand, which were handed to the newly established Republic of Uzbekistan. The new Tajik Republic was further weakened when its historical, cultural, and economic links with its two natural brother states of Afghanistan and Iran were severed. One of the principal means of destroying Tajikistan’s cultural links with its neighbors to the south was the change in alphabet, which forced the Tajik people to abandon the Arabic-Persian script in favor of Cyrillic.

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